Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Question: What should I cover in class?

In no particular order this is the response:

Develop Module, Soft Proofing, Importing Presets, Using Presets, Work Flow From Camera to Catalogue, To Photoshop And Back. More on Workflow, Exporting Images, emphasis on Size. Tone Curves: Parametric Vs Point Curves, Point Curves: Linear, Medium Contrast, Strong Contrast…


There are lots of presets available for free, or purchase. 

Free Presets for Adobe® Lightroom® – onOne Software

100 Free Lightroom Presets (And How to Make Your Own) - Tuts+ Photography Article

8 Sites for Free Adobe Lightroom Presets - Digital Photography School

Don’t know what to do, to make your Photo “better”?  (#4 from Top 10 TYNTK  (Things you need to know (about Lightroom)… )

Is there a color in the scene/portrait that you "remember" photographing? Color of the flower, skin, sky, grass, leaves, trees... Make changes to make those colors appear on your monitor.Color doesn't work? Make a virtual copy and try a "Black & White" or spit tone the Photograph

Still Don’t know what to do?  Try a Lightroom Preset.
Lightroom is “Preset Happy”!  And come with some “Built-in” Presets…
Be careful when using presets…  

If you are trying out different presets, always remove/delete the preset, before applying a different one.  If you don’t more than likely you’ll wind up with “settings” being added from the previous preset. And you won’t get what was intended by the preset… 

  • Use Undo Keyboard Shortcut
  • Control + z (PC)
  • Command + z (Mac)

Presets are available in:

  • Importing and The Quick Develop panels
Importing… In the Apply During Import Panel 
Quick Develop… 
If the Quick Develop panel is closed The Presets are available in the Panel’s top bar…






  • Tone Curve —-The POINT Tone Curve Panel
You can save a preset anytime you add a new point to the graph… But, remember the curves are unique to the image, especially if you are using TAT (Targeted Adjustment Tool)
  • Tool Bar - The Adjustment Brush
ToolBar AdjBrush
  • Export
To make a preset for Exporting your images, You need to choose Export To:  Email, Hard drive, or CD/DVD 
Then Choose an existing Lightroom Preset… 
Fill out the Dialogue Box   BUT!!!
BUT, Before you click the export button Click “Add” at the bottom of the Preset: Panel…
  • Also templates for Printing, Web pages, (Web Templates and Galleries) 
Printing:  Lot’s available on the internet…
Web Template/Galleries
Here’s a free set from “The Turning Gate”
and, this is what one of the free HTML Galleries Looks Like…





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