Monday, March 24, 2014

Lightroom -Last Class Review "Where to from here?"

Hope you enjoyed the class, and you had a wonderful Thanks giving… 

In the Last Class we worked on How to find the real picture in the photograph. using Cropping

So, Now what... 

Here are some other suggestions…

  • Take another class, At some point Clark will have a Photoshop for Photographers Class
Here are the links to Clark’s Registration
Take Better Photographs Part 1 and 2  January 10 and 24 (Saturday) All Day
A Photowalk February 28 (Saturday)  All Day
Photoshop for Photographers
Not available this winter term.

Garry's Favorite web sites

  1. The Luminous Landscape
  1. Join a forum and lurk!

    At some point someone will post a question…  And you’ll be able to provide them the answer!  Pay it forward!

There are lots of videos on the Adobe TV web site

LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE  has a bunch of video tutorials that they sell. Get them and their video Journal...


And, Don’t forget the links to other reference material on the Class Lightroom Website Click the tab ‘Resources”


One more thing
Don't be shy, Stay in touch and share your photographs!


Photograph, Photograph, Photograph!

Then in Lightroom & Photoshop

Practice! Practice! Practice!


Best  Wishes

Garry Stasiuk



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