Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lightroom Part 2 --Week1 Bring YOUR Photos

Just a reminder that this week we are working on YOUR Photos This week.
Bring 2 or 3 in Raw format, Jpg is okay if that’s what you have.
Our goal is to establish a “Work Flow”

Enhance The Keeper Photos

  • Do everything you can in Lightroom
  • Only edit photos that are in a collection
  • Do Global Edits
  • Start with the Develop Basic Panel
    • Work your way down through each slider
    • Do not skip panels, especially the Tone Curves
    • TAT!
    • Other “Choices”
  • Do Selective "Local" edits
    • The adjustment Brush
    • gradients


    • In Photoshop if Necessary


    • Softproof
      • For Print
      • And, for the web!


See you in class!

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