Friday, March 14, 2014

Photographic Opportunity --Total Lunar Eclipse


The photo at the left is a Total Lunar Eclipse I took with a Celestron 8, with a focal length of 2032 mm.

That eclipse was on September 6, 1979 The photo was taken Somewhere near Bull Run off of Larch Mountain Road in Oregon. Sky and Telescope editors thought the dark splotch on the left was “unusual”.

The up coming Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14-15, 2014 is well placed for a photographic opportunity in the Pacific Northwest

The Moon will be Almost Due South at the start of totality at 12:07am PDT.  The Moon will be 38 degrees above the Southern Horizon. Totality will end at 1:35 am PDT


This image is from “Starry Night” and shows the position of the moon at the beginning of totality as seen from Vancouver, WA…

Mars and Spica are nearby and Saturn is in the South East.


The following table of eclipse times is from The April 2014 issue of Sky and Telescope





Lunar Eclipse, February 20, 2008

This was taken with a Canon DSLR and a Sigma 70 - 300mm zoom lens.

Exposure data

f/5.6 1.6 of a second, ISO 400 f.l. 300mm

The image is well cropped…

Nice thing about a digital camera… you can see your results as you shoot…

You can see some of the 2008 eclipse photos  on my website…

I updated my Lunar Eclipse gallery on March 19 and included other eclipses…


New noise reduction routines in Lightroom should improve the image quality…

I’ll work on that!


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