Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slideshows, Movies, Music and Books, Oh Boy!

In class we’ll focus on making a Book ( a requested topic) 

If you actually want to work along in class with your own images, You’ll need to do some prep work!

OUTPUT Prep:  Things you need to do First

  1. In the Library Module
    1. Put all your book/slideshow etc image files into a collection.
  2. At a bare Minimum, fill in he Metadata for each image with: Title, Caption, and Headline information.
  3. Sort (drag and drop) the images in the order you want them to appear in the book or slideshow
    1. You can sort image order in the Film Strip, but it is MUCH easier to do In the Library.
When you have done the above
If just want to bring the “collection” to class, “Right (Control) click the Collection in the collection panel and choose “Export this Collection as a Catalog…” and save it to a flash drive.

If you want to try and follow my notes go a head and  Open your collection in the Book Module, click the Book Module Button 

Book catalogue

If you have been working on any of the “output” Modules, you can bring the work from that module as a collection.  When you click Create Saved Slideshow  or Book, Lightroom will save your work as a  special collection:  Book, Slideshow, Print or Web Collection!
You can export that specialty module and bring IT to class…


I’ve written out some notes on using the Slide show and Book Module.

The Book Module Notes 

Click on the Book Tab Book Module Notes














The Slideshow Module Notes

Click on the Slideshow Tab Slideshow Module Tab

Here’s a sample slideshow saved as a video.


USE of Music…

You can purchase “Royalty Free” Music or you can use music that is “Royalty Free” because they are being shared by the Artist for your use.

 The music is usually protected with a  “Creative Commons” Licensing or a similar type of agreement.

Try this web site

Free Music Archive

Music ranges from Classical to just plain weird.

The music in the video below is from the website MP3 2000


If you have time to burn, just do a Google search for Video production music… Most of the “Pay For” companies offer some “free” samples for your use… Average price for an unlimited license for a single tune is $9.00 or less…

See you in class! 

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