Friday, June 26, 2015

Camera Techniques Opportunity

Are you happy with your photographs?
  • Are they too dark?
  • Color and details washed out?
  • Out of focus? Blurry?
  • The composition is wonky?
  • The color is funny?
  • Not enough detail?

No matter what kind of camera you own, you can take amazing beautiful photographs. How? Take the the Clark College class "How do I take Better Digital Photographs!"

Learn 10 basic rules that will give you command of your camera and let you snap PHOTOGRAPHS you will be proud of…

You can signup for this hands-on camera class here... Better Digital Photographs

Garry Stasiuk
Your instructor!
How Do I Take Better Digital Photographs website

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Liberate your Photos with Lightroom

Class at Clark College begins on July 6th

The images speak for themselves...

Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers at Clark College
Starts on July 6th

Register now and learn how… with Lightroom and Photoshop 


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Columbia River Nature Photowalk

Clark College: Columbia River Nature Walk, Saturday, July 11, 2015

 Register here!

BoardWalk AOn this walk, along the on the  Columbia River boardwalk our subjects will include watery landscapes with Sailboats, Ospreys, Geese and Herons and the possible Eagle… After the walk, we will meet in a Clark College software lab to learn digital techniques for managing, improving and sharing your artistic views. 
Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, the student should be able to:Discover what photo subjects interest other photographers. Improve photo techniques and skills by consulting with other photographers and shooting local flora, fauna, landscapes and people.Evaluate the resultant photograph in the camera.Improve a resultant photo from in-camera review.Down load Photographs to a computer.Evaluate the resulting photos on a Computer.Share photographs with other class members.Be inspired by your class photographers!Get exercise as we will walk approximately 3.5 miles.


For a closer look at past Photowalk images check out these images



See this webpage for map of walk and more info...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lightroom 6 --What's New?

Lightroom 6 is now available via a Cloud Subscription or as a Stand alone “forever” purchase.

LR6 banner

Adobe Product Manager,  Tom Hogarty details the changes in Lightroom 6 in a blog post at  This post includes video highlights of the new abilities in Lightroom. 

For a more detailed list of Lightroom 6 features, The blog post at Lightroom Queen, by Victoria Bampton, lists them all…

Note: The features in Lightroom 5 have NOT been changed, and as a result Everything you have learned about Lightroom 5 is available in Lightroom 6. Victoria Bampton has a free Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 – Quick Start Guide, a 76 page PDF eBook that is available here…

Craft&Vision at has an e-book  “Lightroom 6 Up to Speed Everything You Need to Know About the Adobe Lightroom 6 Upgrade by  Piet Van den Eynde
It’s $6.00 Canadian ($4.74 US)  until March 29… 

By the way Lightroom 6 now takes advantage of your computer’s graphics card, and yes, it is much faster…

Enjoy!!! I am.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Finding Duplicates in Lightroom


Using Lightroom's Search Filters

Use the Library Filter for just Date, and turn off all the others (set to None)

Lightroom will display the photos sequentially, using the Camera's EXIF Data for "Time Captured" by Month, day, year and hours, minutes and seconds. Any photos with the same Capture time will be displayed side by side...

It would look like this in Lightroom's Library Module...


Things to watch for are photos shot with a hi-speed "burst" shooting Mode where 3 or more photos are less than seconds apart. It would be best if you stacked photos shot in a rapid sequence, or bracket first.

You can also try a search by Filename, and use as a filter Contains = "copy", or "1" or "2" ... sometimes when files are duplicated one of those extensions are added to the filename...



Before you use or try any of these plug-ins, make sure your catalogue is up to date, optimized and backed up...


A FREE fast duplicate finder plug-in for Adobe Lightroom using EXIF meta-data.

I was really impressed with how fast this plug-in worked and how it is implemented. The online documentation is excellent.

LR Duplicate Finder

A "commercial" plug-in by Jim Keier (England) Cost is £8.50 (currently about $13.50 in US Dollars

You can watch a video and purchase it on this page

Laura Shoe, a Lightroom Guru also has a video with some useful insights, you can watch it right here!

Stand Alone Programs for Mac and PC

My favorite Mac duplicate finder Photo app is called PhotoSweeper

There is a Lite version $2.99<br >

and a "Full" Version.<br > $9.99<br >

The PhotoSweepers work on iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom Libraries. At the above websites you can even download a trial version.


Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

A free Tool for finding and remove duplicate photos on your PC.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lightroom - Class Review #2


Lightroom - Class Review #2

1. Importing and exporting catalogues.

You can find details here on this blog at

2. Control + J (PC) and Command + J (Mac)

The Library View Options, Grid View This panel lets you customize the metadata information displayed on the Library Thumbnails.

The Loupe View panel lets you customize metadata in the Library's Loupe view or on the Develop Modules display... Press the "I" (eye key) to cycle through the data being displayed. The image farther down the page is displaying Loupe View metadata.

3. The Develop Module.

For a synopsis of what each panel does in Lightroom check out the following web page. Click the Tab: Develop --Global Adjustments

You'll find keyboard shortcuts, and a brief description of what each panel does and links to the pages below and more...

This is a case study of the enhancing steps I took in Lightroom for the image "Rocky Creek."

The Histogram:

Photo Analyses:

White Balance

Basic Panel

and the

Tone Curves

By the way, as you work on an image, you can compare the image you are working on to the way the image originally looked by pressing the backslash key "\" (It's under the Delete key Mac, Backspace Key (PC)) Before and After
Under the Develop Module window in the Tool Bar (T Key) is a comparison tool that lets you see Before, and After images.

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail or bring them to class.

4. Making a "Watched Folder"

A "Watched Folder" is a handy method for quickly importing files into Lightroom and have presets, keywords and settings applied to the images!

You can find instructions at the following web page "Click the Import Tab"

Next Class... Bring some of your images, we'll work on them in class.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Lightroom --Week 1 Review


Lightroom -- Week 1 Review

Welcome to Clark Colleges Lightroom Class

If you do not have Adobe's Lightroom installed (or you own a purchased version) you can take advantage of Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography deal.

There are no previous product ownership requirements. You get Lightroom & Photoshop with additional free supplements. For example you can now edit your Lightroom photographs on an iPad or Android Tablet using a free app.

If you are still not certain that you want to commit to Lightroom & Photoshop, at the above web page link, at the bottom of the page, you may download a 30 day trial version of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Also note, that if you wish, you can purchase the software at full price and use it "forever."

Links to subjects covered in class

The Class Lightroom Primer website portal page is located at

In class we discussed "Calibrating you Monitor" At the least, you need to set the contrast and brightness of your monitor.

Details on how to do monitor calibration, can be found at this link

Please read and watch the videos found on the "Things to do First" Tab

On that page is a link on how to set up your IPTC Metadata and how to apply the data to existing files in your Library/Catalogue

We went through the steps To Import Your Photographs into Lightroom using the "Import" module

I have just updated information in the "Import..." tab on the Input Module page of the website (makes much more sense now... )


This Monday there is no class as it is Martin Luther King day, January 19. As a result the next class will not be until the following Monday on January 26. See You Then... If you have any questions, send an e-mail.

I'll send YOU another e-mail next week with a reminder of what you should bring to class... and maybe more "news." I'll also tell you what will be covered in the next class.