Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where to from here? Week 8 and Beyond...

Here's a quick link to the week 8 Portal

The class web site will always be available, and is always evolving...

I'll be adding a Lightroom site shortly, the first Lightroom article is Softproofing in Lightroom...

Softproofing in Lightroom

 So, Now what... 

I'm often asked… now that the classes are over, what do we do now?

Here are some suggestions...

Garry's Favorite web sites

  1. The Luminous Landscape
    1. http://luminous-landscape.com/whatsnew/
  2. http://www.dpreview.com/
  3. http://www.imaging-resource.com/news
  4. http://www.photographyblog.com/
  5. http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer
  1. Join a forum and lurk!



    At some point someone will post a question… And you'll be able to provide them the answer!

There are lots of videos on the Adobe TV web site


LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE  has a bunch of video tutorials that they sell. Get them and their video Journal...


George Jardine has a terrrifics web site a a series of videos


One more thing
Don't be shy, Stay in touch and share your photographs!


Photograph, Photograph, Photograph!

Then in Lightroom & Photoshop

Practice! Practice! Practice!


Best  Wishes

Garry Stasiuk



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