Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saving files in Photoshop

Saving files in Photoshop and file formats.

The file format you use to save your work in Photoshop will depend on how the image will be used.

Preserving Layers

If you want to perserve layer information so you can re-edit the image or apply the same techiques to another image, then save the image as a .psd file a PhotoShop Document.

The Menu item is

File > Save As

Keyboard short cut

Shift + Control + S (PC)

Shift + Command + S (Mac)

Save as Photshop Document














In the Save As Dialogue box

Give the file a unique name (Photoshop will add the extension, in this case .psd)

You can also check

 Save:  √ As A Copy and photoshop will add the word copy to the file name in this case it would be "Beach copy.psd"

TIP: In Photoshop, if there is a button or icon that you don't know what it does, put your "pointer" over the item and don't move it... in a few seconds a yellow box will popup and tell you what it does!

If you want to perserve layers in the PSD document Make sure the Layers box is checked and always perserve your color profile..

Saving for the Internet

The .jpg file format is "lossey" the more the file is compressed, the more data is thrown away. Too much compression and the image/photo looses detail...

The menu is 

File > Save for Web...

What's important here is to choose how much compression, and the file size you want to actually display on the web or in an e-mail

If the file is going to be displayed on a web page Check Convert to sRGB 


Save for WEb Dialogue














When you make all your choices click the Save... button at the bottom of the page...




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