Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 7 - Smart Objects, Softproofing and Focus using Photo stacking...


Here's a short step by step set of instructions how to edit smart objects sent to Photoshop from Camera Raw.

Before you print,  soft proof!
Here's what to do using Photoshop… Softproofing in Photoshop

Later this week I'll add information on how to do Softproofing in Lightroom 4 

Here's a technique for boosting the color in a faded or overexposed photograph in Photoshop, works really well for .jpgs. Also, a similar technique can work on under exposed images.

Fixing Overexposed or Underexposed .jpgs

Class member Ken Eklund  sent us the following information about Photo Stacking for Focus 

Last week I mentioned focus stacking or blending, which is like HDR for focus rather than exposure.  Here is a link to some software.  It is also a feature in Photoshop.



Ken also sent us a series of photos he took and merged using PhotoStacking in Photoshop+


This is a carved Chinese bottle that I tried it out on.  I used macro extension tubes to take 8 shallow dof photos with the Photoshop blending technique. 















Ken also sent us a link to a Youtube video demoing the Photo Stacking Focus technique in Photoshop 


Thank you for sharing Ken!

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