Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Slideshows, Movies, Music and Books

Oh! Boy!

I’ve written out some notes on using the Slide show and Book Module.  

The Slideshow Module

Click on the Slideshow Tab Slideshow



You can purchase “Royalty Free” Music or you can use music that is “Royalty Free” because they are being shared by the Artist for your use.

 The music is usually protected with a  “Creative Commons” Licensing or a similar type of agreement.

Try this web site

Free Music Archive

Music ranges from Classical to just plain weird.

The music in the video below is from the website MP3 2000


If you have time to burn, just do a Google search for Video production music… Most of the “Pay For” companies offer some “free” samples for your use… Average price for an unlimited license for a single tune is $9.00 or less…


The Book Module

Click on the Book Tab  Book
















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