Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lightroom Week 4 Review


Edit as a smart object…

In class we learned how to send a raw file to Photoshop as a smart object, and used the fact that saved snapshot settings travel with a raw file.  (They are embedded in the raw file) We used the TAT (Targeted Adjustment Tool) in The HSL panel to make 2 different global edits 

We saved the setting with makeup first and then one without makeup, saving each as a Snapshot setting…
We sent the image to Photoshop as a smart object and used layers in Photoshop… 

Before andAfter

You will find the details on how this was achieved on the web page Editing as a Smart Object in Photoshop

 The Adjustment Brush

We also looked at Editing Locally using the Adjustment Brush in the Tool Bar in the Develop Module

Tool Bar


With the Adjustment Brush you can apply Local Edits, edits that are confined to a part of the entire image… 


NewImage  You can find the details on how this is done on the web page The Adjustment Brush







Spot  Removal

We also learned how to remove Spots caused by “dust on the sensor…” 


 and apply the dusting out to a series of photos…


Select Only Spot Removal and click the synchronize button..


The dust removal is applied to ALL SELECTED PHOTOS…

Reminder, there is NO Class November 11th

See you all on November 18th


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