Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lightroom-Photoshop Extended offer Extended $10.00 /Month!

Get Lightroom and Photoshop —For a limited time offer (Until Dec 8th)

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Initially launched in September, Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program aimed to support the workflow needs of photographers who use Creative Suite 3 or later.

Adobe has announced a limited-time extension of its program to all photographers.

Offering access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, 20 GB of cloud storage and Behance ProSite, users can access all software content through Adobe Creative Cloud with a $10 per month annual subscription.

This extended offer began today, running until December 8, 2013 a 11:59 PST, and upon expiration, the Photoshop Photography Program will continue to be available to those who own a previous version of Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, or Creative Suite 3 or later, until December 31, 2013.

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