Monday, October 21, 2013

Week2 --Outline and Procedures

Do Step 1 and 2 first

Step 1

On the Class Networked drive CELab$ (Ogre)(see class procedural handout ),  

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COPY LR-week2 the highlighted folder (Right Click -- Control Key + Mouse click, choose Copy from the contextual menu…)Paste the LR-Week2 folder into your (Flash) Thumb Drive.

Step 2

Open The Folder LR-CatDemo and double click the LR-CatDemo.lrcat icon

Layout001 3 07 08 PM

This will open Lightroom with demo photos similar to last week when we IMPORTED some sample images into Lightroom.

To see how to EXPORT a catalogue like the one we just Imported into Lightroom read the previous blog How to export a catalogue

You can use this method to bring to class photos you are working on in Lightroom.



Another Import Method:  Auto Import

Auto Import Settings


 Make a folder on the desktop that you will use for Import You can use the finder to make a folder.

  1. This is your destination for the pictures on the hard drive,  choose it using the Finder… If you know which folder you want the images imported to, select that. Or make a Misc or a temp folder and move the images inside LIghtroom.
  2. Choose however you want the file renamed
  3. Apply a preset if you wish
  4. Add Metadata
  5. And Key Words
  6. Choose how previews are handled.

This is a handy import method to use if you want to do a quick import, like in the classroom…

Adding & Syncing Metadata

See details here on the web page

Adding and syncing metadata in Lightroom

The Develop Module

  • Preliminary viewing and selection

    • Rough Editing (did that shot work?)
    • Quick Edits, no need to be precise, yet!
    • Select images Round 1
      • Put the rated images in a collection
      • Use Star * Ratings
      • Just use the #1 - #5 keys
      • In the first round, just fuse the #1 key.
      • Add additional Key words
      • Add IPTC Data
    • Rate images again in a second Round of viewing

    Enhance The Keeper Photos

    Only enhance photos that are in a collection!!

 Enhancing Photos in Lightroom 5: A Case Study

See the details on the following web pages…

 Exporting Photographs to your Mail client (program)

Exporting Photos Via to your  Mac or PC mail client (Mac Mail or Outlook, Outlook Express, etc… )

Since there is a detailed "how to on line" excerpt from Scott Kelby's Lightroom Book














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