Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some Tips... and things for you to try


Don't EVER be afraid to try, experiment, play with Photoshop...  You just might come up with a masterpiece!

Red  Green I-5 Bridge from Don


This what I did

1. Made just a selection of the bridge using the Polygon lasso tool.
2. Made a new layer from the selection
Command J Mac or Control J PC
3. Used the selection by color tool
but, first,  sample some green from the i-5  bridge, because the color selection tool will key on the selected foreground color in the tool bar.
Then Menu: 
Select > Color Range...
4. Made the selection 
and for detailed instructions on using selection by color go here
5. Then, choose the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and
Clip it to the selected bridge layer
6. In the HSL dialogue, Check colorize… and adjust the color to what you want
7.Then use a black brush on the H&S mask to tweak the mask…
and that's it...
Laying out images on a page for a flyer or a scrapbook page...
Multiple photos on a page
This is one area that Photoshop Elements has the advantage... It has a bunch of built in Layout Templates...
Photshop has a few in the OUTPUT Module
Lightroom has more...
But, in layout PSE Rules!
In Photoshop you get to make them on your own...
Here's how to do it the Hard Way
Here's how to do it quick and easy...
Up to Photshop CS3 there was a menu item in Photoshop called Contact Sheet.
Adobe took it out of CS4 and CS5, but put it back into CS6.
(However, you can download and install the Contact Sheet plug-in from Adobe's web site for CS 4 and CS 5)
1. Start in Bridge.
2. Select Your photos  (Control Click) How many You select will determine how large they are on the page (Experiment)
3. Select the Bridge Menu:  Tools > Photoshop > Contact Sheet II
The above is for 6 images... Play around with more or less images...
Each image will be placed on a layer, and they will be masked, ready for you to add a background and add
"fx" (Border, etc... ) to each image... or text
Email your questions, or bring them to class...
Have a fun weekend playing with Photoshop!

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