Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lightroom - Class Review #2


Lightroom - Class Review #2

1. Importing and exporting catalogues.

You can find details here on this blog at

2. Control + J (PC) and Command + J (Mac)

The Library View Options, Grid View This panel lets you customize the metadata information displayed on the Library Thumbnails.

The Loupe View panel lets you customize metadata in the Library's Loupe view or on the Develop Modules display... Press the "I" (eye key) to cycle through the data being displayed. The image farther down the page is displaying Loupe View metadata.

3. The Develop Module.

For a synopsis of what each panel does in Lightroom check out the following web page. Click the Tab: Develop --Global Adjustments

You'll find keyboard shortcuts, and a brief description of what each panel does and links to the pages below and more...

This is a case study of the enhancing steps I took in Lightroom for the image "Rocky Creek."

The Histogram:

Photo Analyses:

White Balance

Basic Panel

and the

Tone Curves

By the way, as you work on an image, you can compare the image you are working on to the way the image originally looked by pressing the backslash key "\" (It's under the Delete key Mac, Backspace Key (PC)) Before and After
Under the Develop Module window in the Tool Bar (T Key) is a comparison tool that lets you see Before, and After images.

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail or bring them to class.

4. Making a "Watched Folder"

A "Watched Folder" is a handy method for quickly importing files into Lightroom and have presets, keywords and settings applied to the images!

You can find instructions at the following web page "Click the Import Tab"

Next Class... Bring some of your images, we'll work on them in class.


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