Friday, May 17, 2013

Lightroom Notes

Some Notes from Lightroom Class May 13

Transferring Photos from a PC formatted external hard drive to a Mac…

PC's use a file system called NTFS, Mac's use a different system… (HFS+)

1. Paragon Software has a solution NTFS for Mac® OS X 10

2. Seagate makes a driver for some of their "Go Flex" external drives

3. If want to tinker… OSX Snow Leopard and up can read/write NTFS  This site offers a widget to help the process NTFS Mounter

4. If you like to really tinker OSX Hints offered the following

 10.6: Enable native NTFS read/write support

Exporting Photos Via to your  Mac or PC mail client (Mac Mail or Outlook, Outlook Express, etc… )

Since there is a detailed "how to on line" excerpt from Scott Kelby's Lightroom Book







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