Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PS4P 2 ---Week 8 Outline --

March 17, Last Class Saturday


Just a reminder… Saturday’s agenda

  • Objectives:
    • Perfecting Landscapes & Portraits
    • Output/Export in Bridge: Displaying your photos
  • Fixing Common Problems: A quick review of old and new techniques  
    • In Camera Raw
      • Crop/Straighten, Targeted Tones, The Adjustment Brush ---Super Dodging & Burning, The Gradient Tool
    • In Photoshop
      • Using the Clone Tool, Healing Brush, Spot healing brush and patches, and
      • Layers and Masks
      • HDR
      • ?
    • Focus on
      • Skin Tones
      • Softening the skin
      • Texturing the skin
    • AND your LAST CHANCE questions!

Bring some portrait photos and landscapes to class! As, usual I will have a few demo pics for you to work with if you don’t have any of your own…

Up Coming Classes

How Do I Take Better Digital Photographs: 2 classes one March 24 and the other  April 7 (9-4 PM)

Photo Walk April 14 (9 - 4 pm)

Create Your Own Web Site May 9th - (6 weeks)

PS4P I April 28 (4 weeks)

PS4P II June 2 (4 weeks)

In the summer I'll do a Photoshop Projects class for Beginners (It's Valeri's Basic Photoshop Class, except we work on actual projects)  First week in July (date tentative)


Adobe Lightroom Thursday 7/5 6-9:30pm

See you in class
Got something you want to work on? Send that e-mail!

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