Friday, November 11, 2011

A Mystery for You...

Here's the question posed by class member Sam Siciliano
I am working with 16-bit files now.  However, there's one minor oddity I can't figure out.  I'm saving files as PSD files, but I will then often save a jpg copy as well.  I flattent the file, then change to jpg.  The jpg option pops up, and I have the preview box checked.  However, I'm never getting the size to show up like it does in elements.  As you change the resolution by sliding the bar or modifying the number, you should see the file size in megabytes.  I do see that in Elements, but in CS5, a number never shows up, only the '--' where a number should be.  Any idea why I'm not getting a preview of the size?
I checked this out on my Win XP Laptop with Photoshop CS5 … and my Mac with OS X Lion with Photoshop CS3, Choose
File > Save As… and select the file Format: JPEG

Jpgoptions xp

Jpgoptions Mac

Please check this out on your computer, note the OS and the version of Photoshop… And, leave a comment! Let us know if that feature is working or not with your setup.

In the mean time, if you want to see how big your Jpegged file will be, and how it looks compressed you can use the menu item
File > Save for Web & Devices...
not only can you see what the Jpegged file will look like, you can see several jpeg settings at one time… (4 up) at the left of each image you can see the size, and the amount of compression...


By the way, you don't have to flatten your layers to save a jpeg file, Photoshop will flatten all the visible layers for you when yoiu choose to "Save As…" Jpeg or use the menu item
File > Save for Web & Devices...
Remember Jpeg is a lossy format, it will degrade the image.

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  1. I'm running Windows 7 with CS5. I see the same little "--" where the file size should be when I use "save as"

    Mostly I'be been using "save for web or devices" so it hasn't been an issue for me.

    I stopped using "save as" after I uploaded an image to the web and found the color balance was way off.

    Mike Brown