Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Importing iPhoto and Aperture photographs into Lightroom.

Way back when, Lightroom 3 used to be able to directly import photos from Apple’s iPhoto and Aperture’s convoluted storage method. Apple changed the structure apparently after I abandoned iPhoto (version 5 or 6/), and it suddenly became much more difficult to import photos into Lightroom.  On top of that this spring when Apple announced it was no longer going to support it’s Pro Application, Aperture there was some Panic from Aperture users about what to do.

Adobe to the Rescue. 

Adobe has released a plug-in for Lightroom that will allow you to Import BOTH Aperture and iPhoto Photographs directly into Lightroom!

The caveat is, not everything will import, but most important of all, You will gain control of YOUR images trapped in Aperture or iPhoto!

Here are the details, directly from Adobe’s Lightroom Blog

Aperture import plugin now available (It also works with iPhoto!)

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