Monday, November 12, 2012

Photoshop 4 Photos --Week 4 Review


Those of you that are continuing on to the next 4 classes… The first class is next Saturday, Nov 17
There is no class Thanksgiving week end on November 24

The Adjustment Brush (Camera Raw)

Befor after

We started class #4, by learning how to do local (selected) editing in Camera Raw.  I need to write up some notes about that, so stay tuned, sometime in the next week I'll post some notes about using the Adjustment Brush… If you have specific questions about the adjustment brush, now would be a good time to send an e-mail.


Here's a link to a page with a brief overview on using gradients in Photoshop and (Elements), and Camera Raw and Lightroom. About Gradients

Panoramas and Content Aware Fill

To stitch a panorama you send the selected images to Photoshop via the Bridge. The menu is…
Tools > Photoshop > Photomerge…

This sends the selected photos (don't worry about order, as Photoshop will sort that out for you… )

In the Photomerge dialogue box… if your horizon is flat, check the Cylindrical Button… then click okay. If Photoshop can't figure out where the pieces fit it'll let you do the assembly manually.

Instead of cropping your panorama you can use Content Aware Fill to let the computer "paint in the holes…"

ContenAwareFill in a pan


With content aware fill the basic steps are, select the area to be filled. Expand the selection by 10 pixels… choose the menu item  
Edit > Fill  select Content Aware, click okay…

This tutorial shows you how to select an object, and remove it from the photo and use the same selection later…
Content Aware Fill 

Printing from CS6

Printing  setup in Photoshop  CS6 has changed… but, the procedure to get a print ready to print  hasn't.

The Basic rule here is:  You want Photoshop to manage the color NOT THE PRINTER!  You after all have done all of "that" photo enhancing and you want to see the colors you selected in the print!!

Read the following pdf file by Martin Evening…
Color management 

Ben Wilmore's Colormanagement Simplified is no longer available

To save you ink, paper and time you NEED to soft proof your images…

You'll need color profiles for YOUR  paper and printer.

Here's the steps 

Softproofing in Photoshop

Softproofing in Lightroom 4


Whew, that ought to keep you busy for a while… Got a question? Send that e-mail!











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