Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome Continued! Things You Need To Do First!!!


1. Calibrate your Monitor.
You'll find everything you need to know on the class web site. At the very least you need to check to see if your display is adding a color cast and adjust brightness and contrast so you can see all shades of black to gray to white...  The bottom line is to do it right you need calibration equipment.

Can you see 3 shades of black at 0, 1 and 2

Can you see 3 shades of white at 2, 1 and 0 ?

For more information and further instructions go here...

PSE Tips
For those of that will be using Photoshop Elements instead of Photoshop, here's some tips for you!
I put together this web page to show you differences between Photoshop (PS) and Photoshop Elements (PSE)  Photoshop Differences This page also shows you how to load a .jpg or .tif file into PSE's Camera Raw
This page shows you where to find the PSE batch converter

The Class Home Page
I updated the class home page and fixed some links...

Okay, if you got a question send an e-mail or post a comment here!


  1. Hi Gary,

    As near as I can tell, the only product I need is PS CS5 "Extended". There are so many variables after CS5 that it's confusing.
    I believe the other iterations add on extra programs.


  2. Yes, that is correct.
    Just verify you have the latest Version installed. You can do that simply by using the menu item
    Help > Update...
    You should have PS CS5 Version 12.03
    Check with Menu Item
    Help > About...
    and Camera Raw V 6.3
    Load a picture into Camera Raw, the Version Number is at the top of the screen in the "Drag" bar...
    Update will also update the Bridge.


  3. That what's I love it. share its step by step
    photoshop tutorials .